BoDaisy Designs Art That Makes You Smile... by Kathy Middlebrook

Kathy Middlebrook

Kathy is the artist and owner of BoDaisy Designs, named after her sweet dogs Bodie and Daisy. Her love of colorful, fun designs has driven her and her artwork for most of her life.

For 20 years, Kathy has been using her talents as an illustrator and designer for commercial artwork. Her art is featured on home decor, stationery, clothing, as well as other products sold in stores nationwide.

For the last several years Kathy has been creating and publishing the "Be Yourself Penguins" series. Her greatest joy has been exhibiting and selling her work at art festivals and street markets in a number of cities and states across the west.

Everyone has so loved the message of the "Be Yourself" penguins that she was inspired to write and illustrate a children's book titled "If Penguins Could Fly." 

Kathy uses the "Be Yourself" theme as a way to encourage others, especially children, to follow their dreams and passions. "After all," she writes, "believe in yourself and always be...YOU."

Notes on the "Be Yourself" penguins:
The collection has grown to more than 100 different penguin designs depicting hobbies, careers, personalities, and interests of people everywhere. As Kathy says, "Penguins all look and move exactly alike, but humans are all beautifully different. Being yourself and accepting and celebrating others for their differences is the most wonderful thing we can do for each other. So remember to always be yourself and live with joy, gratitude, and love in your heart.